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Flow chapter 1

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Flow begins!

It starts with a dark glimpse into the future, a short foreshadowy prologue type of thing that doesn’t make a lot of sense the first time you read it. Yes, I know prologues are supposed to recount events that occurred in the past. This one oddly looks towards the future.  I’ve thought of getting rid of this part, but it was the first thing I wrote. For sentimental reasons, it’s staying! After the prologue comes your first glimpse of our hero, Violette, acting goofy. That wand guy with the long arms? You may see him again!

Then, it’s time to meet a few more characters. Sal and Cabrese are lurking in Violette’s school, watching her, and wondering what power she has over Flow. Just what is this girl capable of? They’ve never seen anyone quite like her. She’s got a friend, Libby, who’s somehow aware of Flow, too– though she can’t control it like Violette. What can Libby do? She doesn’t even know, yet.

Flow chapter 1


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