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Flow: A fresh start!

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Ahh… spring is in the air! (I know it isn’t. Just stay with me, here.) A time for renewal. A time to re-organize my book!

I decided that Flow had too many short, choppy chapters. So I’ve reorganized it from a previous 41 chapters into a new version, with only 19. I also redid the chapter headings to make them look more professional and, well, booky. Or bookish. Whatever the adjective is, that’s the look I’m going for here.

So: I’m going to delete all of the current posts on this site with the past versions of chapters, and start over. The new “chapter 1” contains the old chapters 1, 2, and 3. You get the picture. I’ll get the first new chapters out quick, to get back to the point in the story where we were.

For those of you who downloaded and saved the PDFs of the old versions: I’m sure they’ll be collectors items, probably worth big bucks someday! You’ll want to print them out on acid-free paper and place the pages in UV-protective sleeves before you use them to line the bottoms of bird cages. Safety first!

This would be a great time to share the site with your friends!

Also: a revised Kindle Edition will be out in a few days, with a radically revised price. Enjoy!



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