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Introducing BenaReview

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Let’s say you’re looking for a book. Not just any book, but a good book. One that you’d want to read. How oh how could you find one?

You could read Flow. But let’s say you’ve already read it, twice, and bought copies for all of your friends. What next?

You could read reviews from one of many dependable review sites, like Goodreads, or skim through Amazon reviews. But that sure sounds like a lot of work. You want to read a book, not a book’s worth of reviews!

Now, you’ve got a better option: BenaReview! Follow me @BenaReview, and I’ll post very short reviews of books that are genuinely good. You’ll know in six words whether it’s worth reading. What a deal! Every review is guaranteed accurate and dependable! Never waste your time on a not-good book again!


Every review is not guaranteed to be accurate or dependable. It’s pretty much just what I think, OK? So if you disagree, let’s just agree to disagree except to agree that you’re wrong.



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