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Buy my books!

Want to buy Flow or Four, the novels that started it all? We’ve got them for you!

The Kindle Editions of Flow or Four are each a bargain at 99 cents. At that price, you can’t afford not to buy them! BONUS: if you’re an Amazon Prime customer, you can “borrow” it from the Amazon Lending Library for free. Except for what you had to pay to become Prime, ‘natch.

Prefer that special smell of a real paper book? Buy the paperback version! You can Flow or Four in genuine, maybe-recycled paper for $7.20!

Want a signed copy? Easiest way is to use Paypal. Log into your Paypal account, then click the second tab from the left, “send money”. In the “to:” box, type my Benawrite email address– it’s Roy at (replace the at with @ to make that look like an email address.) Amount is $10, including shipping. US currency please, no rupees, knuts, or green stamps. Click continue. On the next screen, confirm your shipping address. You can type in what you want me to write in the “Message” box, or leave that blank if you don’t mind me writing in a nice soup recipe. That’s it!

Or, if you don’t have a Paypal account or just don’t feel like fooling with it, you can mail me a check or money order (whatever that is, I get the impression from TV that I’m supposed to accept those.) Use the contact me link above if you need my mailing address.

Books will be sent out lickety split by US mail, or if the Post Office goes bankrupt I’ll tie your package to the side of a camel. My legal counsel wants me to warn: To ensure good hygiene, no body parts will be signed. Only the book.

Any questions? Contact me via the “contact” link above.


PS For your soup recipe, let me know if you’re a vegetarian or have other dietary needs. No returns on soup recipes, thanks.


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  1. EK Voetbal 2012

    Wat een handige en mooie website! Ik mis alleen nog behoorlijk wat informatie over het is het mogelijk dat daar meer informatie over wordt geplaatst?

  2. Um. Yes! Wordt geplasstst, indeed! Bork bork bork!


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