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Sorry, no more PDFs

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The masses have spoken! The good news is that Flow will shortly be available from the Kindle Lending Library, which should lead to better exposure, more readers, and, eventually, that Nobel Prize in literature I’ve been coveting. (BTW, did you know Nobel Prize winners get to ceremoniously rub the King of Sweden’s head? A lot of people don’t know that.)

The bad news is that by making this deal with Amazon, I can’t offer free PDFs of chapters here any more. So they’re all gone, zipped, into the ether. Sorry, but that’s the wheels of progress. One can’t make an omelet without cracking a few eggs, adding them to a pan of butter with some aged Gruyere, spinach, maybe a few mushrooms… sorry, lost my train of thought. Anyway: I’m going to eat an omelet, and you’re not going to get to read Flow, at least not for free, at least for the time being.

But: you can always buy Flow! Which really would help the moribund American economy! Your 99 cents (Kindle) or 12 clams (hey, paper’s expensive) will help keep our beloved omelet industry busy and industrious! And who wouldn’t support that?


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  1. So whatcha gonna do with this site here? Time for another poll?

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