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Can’t wait to find out what happens? Flow is now available on Kindle! Buy it for only $8.00– which is a steal, by the way. Why, it’s over 50,000 words, at $8.00… that works out to… well, you do the math. This is Benawrite, not Benarithmetic. Geez.

Anyway: I’ll put up some kind of “buy it!” link on the menu bar above later, but for now if you’re itching to buy the kindly version, visit Amazon.

For those of you having trouble deciding whether to buy Kindle, wait for the soon-to-be-released paper version, or enjoy the free chapter-by-chapter posts here, I’ve come up with a few helpful bullet points of the various advantages and disadvantages.


  • Advantages: Saves trees. Helps support Jeff Bezos’ inexplicable addiction to Fabrege Eggs and unicorn meat.
  • Disadvantages: With all of these gizmos, we’re bound to run out of electrons soon. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


  • Advantages: Has that new-book smell. Don’t pretend you don’t like that. Also, I’ll be happy to sign your paper copy for free if you buy it from this site, if I can ever figure out how to do that. Sell it here, I mean. I’m reasonably good at signing my name, if someone lends me a crayon that’s not too sharp.
  • Disadvantages: All of these books piling up is weighing down the planet and will shortly send us spinning off into space.


  • Advantages: It’s free. Duh.
  • Disadvantages: You have to wait… chapter by chapter… in anticipation… your blood pressure is rising… what, oh what will happen? … I can’t take it anymore! Where’s that credit card??



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  1. Hehe, The sample on Amazon is longer than what you’ve released here so far. Or shouldn’t I have pointed that out? :-0

  2. That’s funny. I have no control over the sample, so anyone who wants to– just head on over and enjoy! It looks like they ignored the pagination of my “front matter” too– the dedication was supposed to be on its ow page. But overall it looks gooooood!!!

  3. Re: pagination, my guess is that for Kindle samples, they probably ignore the pagination, since there aren’t really “pages” on the Kindle. The amount of text per screen varies depending on the font size set by the user.

    On my Kindle, which I think I have at the default font size, the title and your name are on their own “page”, then the thanks, fiction disclaimer, website and copyright are on the next screen. Dedication is on a screen by itself, then the Prologue starts on the next screen.

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