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Flow: An archive post

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This was the original post that originally contained the first version of the first chapter, which has since been updated and reposted. I’m just saving this to keep the comments below.


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  1. For us newbies, how can I download it to my desktop for easy access for the 9 yo?

  2. sherry, after you click the link to the chapter, up on the left top there’s a button to save the file (It looks like a floppy disc. Ha! A floppy! Remember those? They ought to put a quill and a Gutenberg Press up there!)

    Anyway: once you save the file, you can do whatever you want with it. Double click it and open it into a PDF reader, or you can sync it with a PDF reader on a phone or e-reader kind of thingy. But not a Kindle…yet… (ominous thunder!)

    I’m going to ask my technical, menu, and spiritual adviser to comment on this, she’s da bomb with the computer stuff. Jodi?

  3. Like Roy said, you can save it to your desktop. Exactly how you do it will depend on your browser, and there are numerous ways to do it. If you open the file, you can usually choose “save as…” from the File menu in the upper left. In chrome, you can right-click on the open document and choose “save as…” Both Chrome and firefox have icons that show up on the bottom of the page with the little floppy disc icon.

    Or from this page, right-click on the link to Flow Chapter 1 above, and choose “Save Link as…”

    It’s pretty hard to read a pdf on a phone, because it’s small. You can read a pdf on a kindle or other e-reader, but again, size is an issue. PDF reading on an ipad is pretty good, but you need a pdf reader like cloudreader. If she doesn’t mind reading on the computer, that may be the easiest way for now.

    Hopefully some of that made sense!

  4. The Android let’s you put pdfs into reading mode which means I can read this on the bus! So bring on chapter 3!!! (These chapters are very short so keep ’em coming.)

  5. Chapter 3 on the way! I’m re-doing the PDFs to make them printable, should get it posted shortly!

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