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Flow in paperback, now available

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Ahh… nothing quite like the smell of a nice new book. Sure, the recently typo-expunged Kindle edition is great, but some people just prefer the heft and taste of a real genuine book, like Gutenberg intended.

So now you’ve got a choice!

Buy Flow on Kindle for only 99 cents– hurry, before they run out of electrons!

Buy Flow in a shatterproof paperback edition direct from the publisher for $8– a little more expensive, yes, but remember you can always burn it for warmth or use it to prop up the edge of a coffee table. Plus, your grandchildren will stare in amazement someday– “Wow! Is that from a museum?”

Buy Flow directly from me, complete with signature, for $10– that includes $2 for shipping and “handling”– whatever that’s supposed to mean. It’s not like I’m going to wear cotton gloves or anything. But I promise to try not to sneeze on it. For a signed copy or two or six, contact me.


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